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Barry Kerr is our certified Spiritual Astrologer, with over 30 years experience. His clients across the country  include doctors, mental health professionals, coaches, healers, professors and people of many other trades and  professions. References are available upon request.



You are unique. You came into this world with a distinct combination of psychological needs and personality traits, and a special purpose for your soul in this life. You brought talents or gifts to achieve that purpose, and you planned challenges and lessons to encounter on the way. Astrology describes these, reflected by ten planets, through twelve signs as they occur in the twelve houses of your birth chart. And the timing of the unfolding of your life plan is told by the transiting planets as they continue to orbit through your birth chart.

Astrology does not tell us what to do or what exactly will happen, yet it can clarify our life issues and reveal the timing of events, influences and choices, so that we can recognize and honor our soul's highest calling as life unfolds.

Everyone has a destiny. And everyone has free will. What I am calling destiny is your soul's plan, a set of goals and lessons you and your guides chose before this life. The soul's plan is general. Most of the specifics are not known before life but are determined by the choices you make every day. Our lives are created by this interweaving of our soul's plan and free will. How much we learn, how much we grow, how far we travel, is up to us. The ultimate intention is to experience more joy and delight as we become more conscious co-creators of our lives! 

In a Birth Chart (Natal) Reading, based on your time and place of birth, we will look at where you soul has come from in past lives and  why your soul chose this present lifetime to accomplish it's next purposes for spiritual growth and evolution. We will examine how the particular traits, strengths, weaknesses and conflicts of your ego's personality are configured to help your soul toward that mission. And we will seek to understand how your past (the good, bad and ugly) fits into your soul's plan.



Astrology can tell us about ourselves and others in relationship and how our energies might combine with another in both supportive and challenging ways. It can help us to know ourselves and our needs in relationships as well as the needs, life purpose, and unique expression of the special person with whom we are in a relationship. This analysis is useful for any type of relationship, including business and parent/child relation-ships.

A Relationship Reading will illuminate: 

- You and your partner's strengths and weak-nesses in relationship.

- What kinds of people you and your partner attract and are attracted to and why.

- What issues you and your partner are likely to face in relationship.

- What you and your partner need in relation-ships to be happy and fulfilled.

- The strengths, weaknesses, and obstacles of a particular relationship.

- What challenges you and your partner might be going through at a particular time.

- How you can best support each other to actualize each of your soul's intentions in this life.

Unlike some astrology advice columns, I will not tell you if a relationship is/will be good or bad. No astrologer can tell you that. However, I can tell you whether a relationship is/willl be more challenging, more conflictual, more harmonic or potentially more rewarding to your inner growth. Easy does not necessarily equal happy. Conflictual does not necessarily equal unhappy. It all depends on the maturity, consciousness and intention of the people involved.

In a Relationship Reading, using both peoples birth charts, we look at how the dynamics of each persons make-up effects the other. How do the two souls' paths serve each other in relationship? How does the make-up of their individual personalities harmonize and clash? What gifts and what challenges are presented? How are they most likely to push each other buttons? And how can they most effectively stay in conscious support of each other's highest good.



Soul-centered astrology can point to your deepest, earliest, and/or most profound wounds, explain their purpose in your life, and reveal the enormous potential for your growth as you heal those wounds. I recommend, if you haven't already, that you do personal healing work around these issues with responsible and trained intuitive healers.

Kristine and I offer an array of healing services to help increase your awareness of your wounding issues and transform them into sources of strength and joy in your life. Please explore this web site for more information about Healing.



I offer natal (birth chart) readings, relationship readings, child readings, transit forecasts, relocation advise. Sessions can be done in person or by phone or Skype, are confidential and are recorded for your future reference. Click here for choices and prices.


"I was just listening, again, to the astrology reading you did for me way back in 2007. So good.  So helpful – and still so pertinent. Very intuitive. I've had a couple readings well done before, but this was... the best! Very 'present' and responsive. Thank you for sharing your gifts, Barry – it is a kind thing for the world that you do. BTW, I've already made several referrals." - Mary Ann, 55, Physician, Oregon .

"I was surprised at how accurate and personal the reading was. It led me to a greater awareness of my purpose in life and the direction of my soul. I didn't expect it to be so useful, accurate, and transformational ...awesome!" - Courtney, 29, Energy Healer, Illinois .

"Barry is a natural healer. He took me totally into the healing aspect of astrology and relationship. His astrology and his inner sense of the power in each one of us to heal is a gift to anyone that he works with." - Lynn, 58, Videographer, Oregon .

" I have had about 5 natal charts done. This was the most useful reading ever. It helped apply things to my life now, in the present. It explained more than just personality traits." - Teresa, 46, Teacher, Illinois .

"Thank you for the North Node information. I will send others your way, since I found our time together very helpful." - Martha, 50, Physician, Oregon .

"Much more nuanced and accurate than I had expected" - Dan, 66, Professor, Miichigan .

"Barry helped me negotiate some critical issues both in my relationship and in my career at a time when other resources didn't seem able to provide the insights I needed. Barry's breadth of understanding regarding the challenges I faced helped me perceive possibilities I hadn't been able to comprehend through any other means. I can highly recommend Barry as an excellent resoure for anyone in a relationship or career jam." - Fred, 55, Counselor, Texas . "

Barry's reading really helped validate and support my understanding of many aspects of my life. Barry framed things in terms of why my soul chose my particular birth date and time and how the resonance of the universe at that particular instant describes the gifts that I have and the lessons that I am meant to learn. Barry's reading was eye opening and heart opening, helping me truly See myself in a deeper way." - Kris, 47, Corp. CEO, California

"I very much enjoyed our session.  I so appreciate all the insights you have given me.  There is a lot to process. Do you ever do follow up sessions?  If so, what is your rate for that? Again, thank you so much." -Rhonda, 40, Physician, Oregon 

" I was amazed at the accuracy of the reading and how much it ran parallel to the detail' about my life circumstances." - Linda, 51, Energy Healer, Wisconsin .

“Barry gave me a unique perspective on some core life issues. His insights helped me put the trajectory of my life in a larger context and come to a new level of peace with some family situations and lifelong personal challenges. I have no reservations about recommending this work.” - Marie, 56, Marketing, Oregon .

“Barry's skills as an astrologer are unparalleled. There is a Soul aspect to his readings that rings the bell of Truth. He takes the time to explain what he sees, and then he helps you understand WHY. After my last reading, I feel that I can navigate the coming year with confidence and connection!” - Pape, 32, Energy Healer, Illinois  

"Your prowess in the stars was the confirmation and affirmation for me to truly trust my gut and intuition. I do feel lighter and far more upbeat that I am following the right path." - Daphne, 56, Teacher, Connecticut  

"Thank you for the wonderful reading and all the help last night. I woke up at 2:30 and 4:45 and finally found my heart." - John, 53, Chiropractor, Wisconsin

"Excellent! The reading really gave me permission to be myself and to honor the special qualities about myself that will assist me in my growth process." - Vicki, 31, Healing Practitioner, Wisconsin  

"It was EXCELLENT!!! Perfect timing for me... and I like your style and approach allot. I feel you helped me see some important aspects, and I'm looking forward to doing my 'work' and seeing how it all unfolds." - Irene, 58, Massage Therapist, Illinois  

The reading " was way beyond my expectations! So comprehensive and given with love and understanding." - Walker, 58, Film Producer, Oregon  

"I learned more about myself on a much deeper level than I had anticipated" - Barb, 51, Energy Healer, Wisconsin.  

"My reading confirmed things for me and led to new awareness about why I am the way I am!" - Katie, 30, Teacher, Illinois  

"Thanks Barry, My cells are shifting and reorienting themselves already. Thank you." - Jane, 56, Nurse, Oregon .

"Just wanted to say again thanks so much for the reading today.  It sure will be changing my perspective on all aspects of my life.  It is so helpful.  I'm looking forward to the other printouts and to listen to the tape again, because it sure is a lot of information and things to consider. I'll be taking some time to reflect on all of this and hopefully gain more and more clarity...it's a LOT of information!"  - Danel, 31, Student, Wisconsin

"Your work has/is guiding me this year and I will probably see you again t the beginning of summer. You are a gentle healer. The recording and North Node handouts were wonderful extras." - Maureen, 63, College Professor, Oregon .

“Barry and I share a soul centered, evolutionary approach to astrology and energy healing and he has been an inspiration to me at finding ways to integrate those two modalities into astrological healing. He has a deep and compassionate awareness of people's healing needs and many creative ways to bring them love light and healing. You will be grateful if you choose to work with Barry!” - Michael, 48, Astrologer, Oregon .

" This (gift from my mother) was amazing for me! I wish I could afford to give everyone in my life a reading. " - Beth, 32, Office manager, Wisconsin .

"This session with Barry was much more focused than with other (astrology) readings that I have had. Barry was insightful and gentle in verifying much of what I suspected and putting it all in perspective so I have focus in my life's purpose." - Sheila, 44, Yoga Instructor, Wisconsin .

" I was expecially interested in career change and am now more clear regarding that. I feel empowered to face my challenges and create an authentic life rather than be 'resigned to my fate''. " - Linda, 57, Energy Healer, Wisconsin












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