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Improving Relationships



Our Commitment To You 

We work with all  types of relationships; married, unmarried, same sex, opposite sex,  family, friends, and colleagues. 

People come to us for different reasons. For some, it is about getting through some difficult challenges and finding ways to consciously do things better. For others, it's about deepening a good relationship into a more conscious and better one. Still others, who have a very conscious relationship, desire to take it to a new level of devotion in Sacred Relationship. Others who have just recently come together, perhaps considering marriage or another kind of partnership, want to deeply explore their intentions and move forward in a conscious way.

When working with your relationship to improve the quality of your experience, we start by asking each of you to first commit to taking ownership and responsibility for self. How do you talk to yourself? How compassionate are you with yourself? How do you care for yourself? How do you hold yourself accountable?

From there, we can begin to explore the dynamics between you and how well you support each other as individuals and how well you enhance the potential of your synergy in relationship. 

We hold you both in a non-judgmental, loving light, that recognizes the good and loving intentions that stem from your souls. Our way is a gentle firmness that invokes honesty, goodness and humor. Ultimately, our commitment is to help you to do the same for yourselves and for each other even as you experience conflicts and challenges. 

Progress is measured by your ability and willingness to make new, meaningful, credible, authentic exciting and enthusiastic commitments to each other and experience the positive changes. Further progress can be seen as you begin to draw new, more authentic relationships into your life. You'll know it when it happens!

The Process

IIn the process, we employ a variety of tools, teachings and experiential opportunities. We lean heavily on mind-body processes that get you in touch with your authentic self, your deep feelings and knowings. This can be  quiet meditative process or a very active and expressive process. Sometimes you will work with both of us and sometimes you will work individually with one of us. Sometimes you will be by yourself. Through it all, we are trained to create a container of unconditional love, holding you in the highest regard, with divine acceptance and safety for whatever your soul needs to bring forth into the experience for your own growth, highest good and well-being.

This work assists you to uncover mental insights and awarenesses of yourself and others; new ways to think and communicate. Pain from our past really points to a need for healing around whatever those stories may represent. Until there is healing, it is difficult to move forward. Therefore, we will be encouraging you to let go of much that is mental (Don't worry, we'll let you know when that time has come), to stay focused in your feelings and body. We've learned that this is the best way to accelerate healing and insight and it cuts through years of therapy.

As layers of hurt and misunderstanding are removed, you will find it becomes easier to let go of the past and to envision new ways of creating the future for yourself and for your relationships. We use many practical tools to help you tap into and stay in your conscious awareness and be more creative in your choices. It actually feels fun!

Ways To Work With Us

There are several ways you can schedule work with us in person or by phone or Skype, depending on your location and the urgency of your desires. We are available for a free consultation to help you decide which approach is best for you. 

Regularly Scheduled In-Person Sessons- 90 minute sessions, scheduled on a periodic basis (eg, weekly, semi-weekly, etc)  Obviously easy for those local to Madison, WI.

Regularly Scheduled Phone or Skype Sessons- 90 minute sessions, scheduled on a periodic basis (eg, weekly, semi-weekly, etc)  Great for those who live too far to travel. Also good as follow ups for those who have worked with us in person. 

All-Day Intensives - You spend eight hours each day for one or more days. For example, an entire day each week for three weeks or three days in a row or variations of days and timing. You make your own overnight arrangements. This can work for locals or those who travel. The extended all day sessions help accelerate healing, awareness and learning.

Residential Overnight Intensives - You spend three to four days and nights with us in our home*. The work is done during virtually all waking hours, though there is time built in for resting and privacy. Though intense, this is the most powerful and accelerated way to make progress as we are there to bring our skilled awareness to the rhythms of your full-day cycles of inner and outer experience.


$150 per 90 minute session with both Barry AND Kristine.

$100 per 90 minute session with Barry OR Kristine.

*Accommodations include bed and private room, meditative space, walking path, a full-body work-out room, and a hot tub. For overnights, please bring your own toiletries. Towels, meals, and bedding provided. Meals are sometimes prepared by you or all of us as part of your experiential training. 



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