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Live Readings



Live astrology readings are done in person or by phone or Skype. They are recorded and given to you for your future reference. Prices include study and preparation time necessary before sessions begin and include the recording and printouts, which are mailed or delivered to you online. Payments can be made on this website via PayPal or credit card. Or Barry can email you an invoice, payable in advance with a credit card via PayPal.

TO ORDER your Live Reading, email Barry at Barry@ChooseConsciousLiving.com.. Or call 608-345-2470.                  

Initial inquiries are FREE.

Here are the most commonly requested readings. If you don't see a particular service listed here, please feel free to ask for what you want.

Birth (Natal) Reading
Based on your time and place of birth, we will look at where you soul has come from in past lives and  why your soul chose this present lifetime to accomplish it's next purposes for spiritual growth and evolution. We will examine how the particular traits, strengths, weaknesses and conflicts of your ego's personality are configured to help your soul toward that mission. And we will seek to understand how your past (the good, bad and ugly) fits into your soul's plan.

90 minutes - $150

Transit Reading
In this reading, we look at how the placements of the planets in the sky today (or at any time in your life) relate to where they were placed in your birth chart and how that informs the continuing unfolding of events as your life moves forward. From this, we can help you understand the meaning of these events as they relate to your life purpose and anticipate the current and approaching cycles of change in your life.

90 minutes - $150
60 minutes - $100

Relationship Reading
Using both peoples birth charts, we look at how the dynamics of each persons make-up effects the other. How do the two souls' paths serve each other in relationship? How does the make-up of their individual personalities harmonize and clash? What gifts and what challenges are presented? How are they most likely to push each other buttons? And how can they most effectively stay in conscious support of each other's highest good.?
120 minutes - $250

Child Reading
Much the same as the adult Birth Reading above, however the emphasis is on helping the parents (adults) understand the dynamics of the child, as expressed as a child,  so as to better support the child's long-term soul intention. Typically, it helps for the parents to have received their own birth chart readings so they can see how their own dynamics relate to the child's. A much fuller version of that would involve a Relationship Reading, as above. 
80 minutes - $120

Relocation Reading
Based on your time and place of birth, we look at how your astrological dynamics are influenced according to where on the planet you are situated. Yes, it does make a difference! If only in what gets emphasized in your inner or outer experiences. Better for career? Better for love? Better for spiritual focus? This is a great tool for those who are contemplating a move.
60 minutes - $100



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