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Our Own Relationship Path



We began our own journey as a couple in 2002. Before then, we each had previous marriages that offered us profound opportunities to transform ourselves and the way we create relationship. As painful as those relationships became at times, we are grateful for those partners, for the love they shared, and the lessons they afforded. Without them, we would not be who we are now and would not have the magnificent and satisfying marriage we enjoy today. 

In working with you to improve the quality of your relationships, we draw from years of counseling with other couples and from decades of our own personal relationship experiences. We have been tested through life's challenges and emotional fires, raising five children with former partners and with each other. We walk our talk. We live what we teach. We experience daily the rewarding goals that we offer to you. And we are still learning.

Our relationship work also draws from many teachers and trainings. We have personally trained with Gay and Katie Hendricks of the Hendricks Institute and authors of The Conscious Heart, and with Harville Hendrix, author of Getting The Love You Want, A Guide for Couples and the creator Imago Therapy. 







Gay and Katie Hendricks, Kristine and Barry


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