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What Our Clients Say About Us



"For years I recognized pain in the deep recesses of my being.  Unfortunately, I had immense difficulties in dealing with these negative feelings that I sincerely believed hindered me from becoming a completely whole person because I couldn't clearly identify the pain’s source or explicit manifestations.  It was within this context that I asked for help from Kristy and Barry."

"While I was anxious and a bit nervous about confronting my personal “dark places”, Kristy and Barry served as wonderful travel guides to get me to where I needed to go.  Their personal love and positive, caring attitudes made what could have been an overly frightful journey (and indeed parts of the journey were disturbing) to one that was manageable and always grounded by my clear consciousness.   Kristy and Barry acted like a circuit that I connected with that explored the sources of my long-held pain.  Since this “healing”, I have felt refreshed and renewed with greater self awareness.  I highly recommend the wonderful work of Kristy and Barry; they truly have gifts and wisdom to share with others. "

                                                                                                            - Anonymous man, professor/researcher, age 58

"Barry and Kristy are overflowing with peace and kindness, and incredible presence. I am still in awe of how they can bring relaxation into a space and let whatever is be, with unconditional acceptance. Just being around them is healing and inspiring in itself, but lucky for all of us, they've found purpose in helping others become more alive as well."

"My experience with their work was full of curiosities, tears, and letting go. I felt completely safe with them guiding me through my experience, and they were able to ask questions to keep me focused, break through stuck places, and discover tools from within. I wish everyone could meet and work with Barry and Kristy. They are living examples of and catalysts for peaceful, deeply relevant transformation."

                                                                           -                                                              - Lyris, chef/student, age 28

"Images, sounds, and feelings from my experience with you "on the table" have remained close to the surface. With you as gentle and caring guides, I was able to unearth and face some past hurts in an environment  in which I felt entirely safe. I came away lighter -  more peaceful and more present. You helped open a pathway for me to begin to be able to comfort and heal myself. "

                                                                                                                                    - Susan, editor/teacher, age 58  

Staying with Kristine and Barry for a two day residential intensive, ”...I was trying to explain away my most inner sources of this fear; loss of family, being alone, recovering from ill health and how to save my life. Barry and Kristine got right to the source of power and healing, breaking through years of neglect and worry. Nothing was more important than to reveal myself and trust these two wonderful friends. I found out I could trust again, feel love and spirituality. Energy healing works!”

                                                                                                                                - Anonymous man, teacher, age 57



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