Not Your Grandma’s Astrology, Anymore.

by Barry Kerr

Astrology has come a long way in modern times. Computers have given astrologers easy, quick access to information that, in the past, took hours or days to calculate, often with errors. In addition, the Western re-emergence of knowledge about reincarnation and karma, combined with modern psychology and new astronomical discoveries, provides a deeper, richer and more meaningful context in which to apply the ancient and remarkably consistent language of astrology.

Yes, there are still many who maintain the old and highly inaccurate trade of “fortune telling” (predicting exact events and love lives, and giving advice to wealth and power seekers), but most professional astrologers strive toward assisting people with healing, personal growth, relationships and spiritual awareness. The information available for these purposes is uncannily accurate and profoundly helpful. Indeed, around the world, a great many successful psychiatrists, psychologists and psychotherapists have integrated astrology into their practices, gaining important insights into their clients. Many hire astrologers for personal purposes.

Though astrology has been a part of nearly every religious and spiritual tradition in history, it doesn’t require any religious theology to make sense. However, soul-based astrology does draw on ancient and universal spiritual principles and modern scientific methods that are part of an emerging post-religion/post-materialist paradigm. Going beyond beliefs, soul-based astrology confirms, experientially, that we are parts of an elegant and caring universe of love and unfolding creativity. Here’s how it works:

Each of us is a unique being. We came into this world with a distinct combination of psychological needs and personality traits, and particular purposes for our souls in this life. We brought talents and gifts to achieve those purposes, and we invited challenges and lessons to encounter on the way. Soul-based astrology describes these, reflected by ten planets, through twelve signs, as they occur at our birth and then continue to orbit (transit) through our lives.

Astrology does not tell us what to do or what exactly will happen, yet it can clarify our life issues and challenges, and can reveal the timing of events, influences and choices so we can recognize and honor our soul’s highest calling as life unfolds.

Everyone has a destiny. And everyone has free will. What I am calling destiny is our soul’s plan, a set of goals and lessons each of us, and our guides, chose before each life. The soul’s plan is a general outline. Most of the specifics are not known before life but are determined by the choices we make every day. This interweaving of our soul’s plan and our free will creates our life. How much we learn, how much we grow, how far we travel, is up to us. The ultimate intention is to experience more joy and delight, as we become more conscious co-creators of our lives!

In a birth chart reading, based on our time and place of birth, an intuitive, soul-based astrologer can see where our soul has come from in past lives and why our soul chose this present lifetime to accomplish the next goals for spiritual growth and evolution. The astrologer can examine with us how the particular traits, strengths, weaknesses and conflicts of our ego/personality are configured to help our soul toward that mission. Typically our ego’s sense of purpose is quite different from our soul’s true purpose, and our soul has planned it that way for a reason. Such a clarification can change the way we experience our past and future choices, relieving guilt, judgment, regret, blame and doubt, allowing for more conscious and joyful living.

Soul-based astrology can help us understand how our past and present situations (the good, bad and ugly) fit into our soul’s plan. An effective astrologer can explain why we chose our parents, siblings and childhood circumstances. Through dialogue, a birth chart can even reveal why we experienced certain pain and suffering in our youth and perhaps into adulthood. Thus, we can gain confidence in our soul’s wisdom and invite forgiveness and love.

A compassionate astrologer can help us look directly into the mirror and accept what we see, with an understanding of how the divine and elegant design of creation supports our progress toward a more full and conscious awareness of who and what we really are — spirit creators in human form. It can be a life-altering experience to actually see, on paper, how our lives are reflected by and connected to the planets and stars. Astrology coaching can then continue to be a rich resource of insight into our selves, family, friends, adversaries and the cycles of life in general. Times of life challenge and confusion are excellent for reaching out to an astrologer for understanding, guidance and direction.

This piece originally published in Nature’s Pathways magazine in July, 2013.

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