Computer-generated astrology readings

Computer-generated astrology readings are a fun and interesting way to get a basic introduction to your astrological dynamics. It is amazing and often stunning just how accurate this computer program can get the details. However, only a live reading by an astrologer can deliver the intuition and skills necessary to integrate the details into an interpretation that speaks to your complex and unique soul. Still, the computer-generated reports are very impressive. Charts and computer reports are delivered by email as attached MS Word documents. Payments can be made on this website via PayPal or credit card.

You will need your birth date, exact time as on birth certificate and location.

TO ORDER you computer reading, send me an email with the needed information and pay me, Barry Kerr, through PayPal; or credit card by clicking HERE.

Birth (Natal) Report
Based on your time and place of birth, this 30+ page report interprets the placements of each of your ten planets and more, giving you a comprehensive foundation for your inner dynamics. You will learn what elements (air, earth, fire and water) are strong and weak in yourself, how the parts of yourself (as represented by the planets) relate to each other, where you are likely to feel wounded, and what your soul’s purpose is. Includes Nodes, Chiron, Elements, Modes, and House cusps. Chart and computer report will be sent to you by email within 2 days.
30+ pages – $25

Transit Report
In this report, we look at how the placements of the planets in the sky today (or at any time in your life) relate to where they were placed in your birth chart and how that informs the continuing unfolding of events as your life moves forward. Each transit relationship is interpreted individually allowing you to decide how to organize and integrate the information. Though a live astrologer can much better synthesize this information into a more useful reading that brings forth details that make sense for your unique life, this report can give you what you need to get a good feel for the timing of current events. Length and cost of Transit Reports depend on the time span requested.
12 month (you choose the dates) – $20
18 month (you choose the dates) – $25
24 month (you choose the dates) – $30

Relationship Report
Using both peoples birth charts,  this report looks at how the dynamics of each persons make-up effects the other. How do the two souls’ paths serve each other in relationship? How does the make-up of their individual personalities harmonize and clash? What gifts and what challenges are presented? How are they most likely to push each other buttons? And how can they most effectively stay in conscious support of each other’s highest good.? Includes a Relationship Synergy Chart and over 20 page report.
50+ pages – $50

Relocation Map
Based on your time and place of birth, this chart presents how your astrological dynamics are influenced according to where on the planet you are situated. Yes, it does make a difference! If only in what gets emphasized in your inner or outer experiences. Better for career? Better for love? Better for spiritual focus? This is a great tool for those who are contemplating a move. Includes map only. Best for those who know how to interpret planets.  You can choose maps by continent or the entire globe. 
Each map – $10

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