What Is It?

3-Days , 4 nights

Arrive Day One at 6pm

We do multiple sessions with you each day from 8am to 6pm

4th evening you rest and integrate

Depart Day Five by 9am

You stay with us in our beautiful and comfortable home in Sedona, AZ for three days and four nights, just the three of us. No phone, computers, tv, or other distractions. We provide you with your own private comfortable sleeping quarters. We provide food, bedding and towels.

You share your wants, desires, longings, hopes; your fears, blocks, regrets, issues.

From 8am to 6pm each day, we guide you through a diversity of wholistic processes and modalities, uniquely shaped, adapted and responsive to your individual needs and goals and timing, addressing the different levels of your being; physical, emotional, intellectual and spiritual. Some healing, some learning, some practicing. (Learn more about the variety of our tools at this link: TOOLS.

In this prolonged and ongoing continuity of experience, we are able to reflect back to you and raise your awareness of yourself in ways for which traditional, short “sessions” just don’t allow enough time; nor do workshops, with multiple participants typically allow for this kind of moment-to-moment, loving, laser attention on just you, your unique experience.

Your body will be active.

Your mind will be engaged.

Your emotions will be welcome.

Your soul will lead the way.

Deep feelings, fun, and magic will happen! By the end of the retreat, you’ll feel a renewed sense of well-being and fresh clarity around your life purpose, current situations, and future direction.

And you have the option to plan an extra day for hiking in the beautiful red rock national forest outside our back door!

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