About Us

Kristine Gay and Barry Kerr bring to you their combined seventy-some years of learning, living, and work as transformational catalysts, energy healers, and personal growth coaches.

Kristine is a formerly licensed professional, energy-based psychotherapist who now provides services as a transformational life coach.

Barry is an eclectic healer with background in wholistic healing, astrology, metaphysics, education and performing arts.

Both are graduates of a 3 year intensive, advanced energy healing mystery school, Inner Focus School of Soul-Directed Advanced Energy Healing .

Both are certified Advanced Theta Healing® Practitioners.

Both are Reiki Master Teachers. 

Both are Hendricks Institute Living and Loving Certified Quantum Coaches, trained and certified by Kathleen and Gay Hendricks.

Both have been trained by relationship expert, Harvell Hendrix.

Barry and Kristine live in Sedona, AZI, where they offer a variety of healing opportunities for individuals and couples, including deep 3-4 day one-pereson residential healing intensives for individuals.

We are long-time  pioneers in alternative living and alternative practices. And we live what we teach. 

While working with you:

We are  trained to access the soul, allowing the soul to guide the healing.

We are here for you 100%, holding a loving, unconditional, non-judging, sacred space.

We are  not merely hearing your words, “I AM” in us is listening to your heart and using highly developed intuitive skills to track and help bring your awareness to the energies behind your issues. Often there is a deep recognition (a knowing by you) of the cause of the presenting issue, as well as a release of the energy where it has been stored in the body. This awareness is the key to shifting into new and healthier states of being, freeing you to co-create your life. 

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