We offer rich, unique opportunities for deep healing and growth. Unlike traditional psychotherapy, which focuses on illness and diagnosis, energy healing focuses on health and wellness, while maximizing your potential to create the life you want for yourself. Many individuals who prefer not to be diagnosed or to have their personal life and issues scrutinized by an insurance carrier choose this option for their healing journey. 

The goal of energy healing is to get to the root of your symptoms quickly and help you to transform your challenges; replacing them with improved health and well-being.  Our holistic mind-body energy-based approaches assist you to get to the core issues underlying your current difficulties, transforming them into their positive potentials. 

We utilize energy-based approaches developed by combining her decades of experience in the field of energy healing with eclectic psychotherapy to provide a mind-body approach used to access the subconscious and super-conscious mind.  We assist you to let go of limiting beliefs, feelings, traumas, upsets, etc. that no longer serve you; replacing negative beliefs, habits and patterns; releasing trauma patterns, and/or releasing emotions connected to trauma memories and in their place instills effective coping strategies, empowering, liberating positive beliefs, behaviors, understandings, and feelings that help you move forward in your life.

Change can happen more quickly with a holistic energy-based approach than with traditional talk therapy or talk-style coaching which addresses issues at the mental level. Insight—having the highest perspective, definition, and understanding of what is going on—is necessary but not sufficient for permanent change. Understanding the why of dysfunction will never by itself change the issue. In our work, you are assisted with not only identifying the conscious and subconscious traumas, beliefs, feelings, and their underlying conditions that block your ability to heal and permanently change the current circumstances and symptoms in your life, but also with transforming these blocks.  Once the underlying core negative beliefs, patterns, habits etc. are identified we actually transform them, changing their energy into empowering beliefs and feelings that bring you into the full magnificence of who you really are. Most individuals report having a visceral experience of stepping into their expanded beingness. Learning to live from your greater beingness can create huge energetic transformation in your life experience.

This approach is a good compliment to western medicine.  This kind of deep healing, in conjunction with your medical and alternative healthcare treatments, provides great support for the healing of physical problems, health issues, and illness you may be experiencing.  Often in circumstances of physical dis-ease there are underlying traumas, beliefs, and feelings present that created a vulnerability on the physical level, or attracted the problem in the first place.  These beliefs and energy patterns can continue to hold illness in place, making medical treatments less effective. When the negative beliefs, dysfunctional patterns, and habits are transformed, it is easier for physical healing to take place.  Releasing patterns of stress, anxiety, and depressive habits can have a profound effect on the level of wellness in the body, while enhancing the effectiveness of western and alternative medical treatments.

Using deep processes like scanning and attending to, we track blocked energies, negative energies, and/or excess emotion stored in the body, or places where the energy may be distorted or tightly wound.  Using highly skilled presencing abilities, we are able to assist you with unwinding these energies, often uncovering subconscious beliefs, memories, and patterns connected to them, allowing these to be repatterned while reestablishing deep harmony, balance, and peacefulness in the energetic body, experienced on the physical level.  We utilize our skills to identify unconscious beliefs, self-sabotage patterns, ingrained family patterns and beliefs that often are the underlying causes of depression, anxiety, anger, obsessive-compulsiveness, sleep problems, school and work problems, low self-esteem, food, eating and weight issues, addictive behaviors, money/financial problems, and interpersonal/relationship problems. There are often underlying problems associated with physical health problems and illness.  Clearing these negative patterns can assist you in your healing journey as you follow-through with medical and other alternative health treatments.

As subconscious beliefs and patterns come into your conscious awareness, shifts in your level of awareness naturally occur.  New levels of consciousness offer opportunities for a richer more fulfilling life. We teach you all the tools you need to make permanent changes in your life.  As you develop the ability to connect fully with your expanded wisdom you no longer live life from old limitations. As your consciousness expands you recognize ways you have been living your life on auto-pilot.  With new skills and supportive beliefs and behaviors; your awareness of your new potential expands, opening new opportunities and possibilities in your life.  You learn new ways to take full responsibility for creating life the way you want it to be.  With new tools for growth, you continue to evolve into your greater potential.

There is no need to live in the past or the future, experiencing the world through the filters of our limited assumptions and interpretations. These are merely habits we get into and we forget how to live in the present. You can energetically learn what it feels like and how to live in the now. The now is actually all we have. The apparent past and future are illusions we humans create to make sense of our experience. From the highest perspective, there is no time and no space. All is present and happening here now. As we expand our consciousness, we can actually learn to experience that infinite presence—the subatomic reality scientists are identifying as simply energy in motion. The full creative energy of the universe lies at the heart of each atom. The full creative energy of the universe lies at the heart of who we are.

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