Personal Transformation

Ever wonder what it might be like to live life from the energy and perspective of your soul self? What if when Jesus said heaven is amongst us, he was talking about our ability to live an ascended life, filled with the light of who we really are as divine beings, right here on earth, as humans?  This is possible for many of us at this time.  Millions are in the process of awakening to the greater possibilities of soul-infused living, masters of their life experience.  The more you grow and evolve, the more magical life becomes.  Synchronicities and manifesting become as fast as you can imagine.  We are always imagining our reality into existence, however much of time it is our subconscious doing the manifesting.  We are unaware of it; our motivations, our self-sabotage. And thus we create/manifest from that level, which often can look like problems and unwanted situations. As you take on your intentional personal transformation all of life becomes the awareness of unlimited possibility and magnificent splendor.

To help you awaken and tranform, we utalize tools designed for the person who views life as a journey and an ever-unfolding adventure of greater possibility. The focus is on healing, growth, and transformation. This is an option for individuals who embrace difficulties and challenges as a part of the life journey.  For these individuals the current problems and difficulties in life are merely a part of the exploration. Life’s challenges are merely the doorways to growth. This journey of healing, opening, exploring and expanding is the exciting adventure of ever-becoming a greater potential of self; of the soul expressing consciously through form.

You are someone sees yourself on a personal growth journey, perhaps even a journey of spiritual transformation or ascension.  Using highly developed skills, we assist you to take on the deep levels of self, to heal and integrate the ego/personal self, and bring light into shadow places, release self-sabotage, access the soul, and integrate the expanded soul level of who you are into all levels of your life experience.  The more you heal, uplifting your mental and emotional energy frequencies, the more capable you become of integrating the higher frequencies of the soul and your multidimensional self into the physical form and the physical experience. 

This is a deliberate excursion into and through the deepest levels of self, transforming negative beliefs, underlying self-sabotage, habits, shadow aspects, and the limiting aspects of yourself to emerge into the experience of living in the light of who you really are. 

The sessions and healings occur on a Soul level (Higher Self, Authentic Self, Higher Power, etc.) allowing for the highest possible breakthroughs, healing, and expanded consciousness for you and ultimately affecting all of humanity. We begin working on what you most want to address or what your Soul level guides as the priority at this time. We download needed feelings and beliefs, while removing any negative or other beliefs that are limiting you. We dig to the bottom of whatever issue you are pursuing, uncovering fundamental belief changes that are key to lasting transformation. During this process, we generally find and clear early traumas and fears, positively transforming many negative and otherwise limiting beliefs, replacing them with strengthening positive, empowered qualities. Before removing any “negative” beliefs, feelings, behaviors, or situations in your life, we look from a much wider perspective and paradigm to reveal the positive potentials of the negative beliefs, feelings, behaviors, habits, and situations.  What may seem like a negative today most likely was originally adopted as a way to cope with difficult experiences.  We believe “problems” are always opportunities for you to take the next leap in your growth and development. They actually provide the means for you to do just that. We look to see what this higher potential is and use the energy inherent in the “negative” beliefs, feelings, behaviors, or situations for this positive potential before letting go of the aspects that are limiting you. When we pull out the bottom belief(s), all the beliefs built on the misinformed foundation fall away. They are gone forever (barring you taking action to recreate them).

Personal transformation includes the clearing, healing, and balancing of the chakra system, the energy system, and the physical, emotional, and mental energy bodies.  Our approach is focused on the energetic experience of the participant, giving you a real experience of being the magnificent being you truly are on a multi-dimensional level. We strive to teach you energetically how to live your daily life, conduct business, heal, create, and play from this wider context of experience and from higher paradigms of understanding.

This can enable you to “overhaul” your conscious and subconscious mind, your body, and your relationships so that you are fully empowered to live every day in optimal physical health, happiness, clarity, and harmony with yourself and with all those around you.

We stress the importance of practical, concrete applications of these techniques in all areas of life. With these tools, it is possible for you to make your relationships excellent, develop your gifts and talents, create and maintain vibrant physical, mental, and emotional health, achieve a lasting inner state of youthfulness, create and maintain thriving businesses, open the floodgates to abundance and prosperity in all areas of your life, and develop your intuitive skills to an extremely high level, while enlightening yourself. 

We see all of life as one integrated whole that must be addressed as such  The emphasis is on liberation—of the individual, of humanity, and of the cosmos. Like many healing and life coaching modalities, our aim of is to uplift the individual and the whole planet to the most vibrant, loving, joyful, and fulfilling ways to live, work, and play. It’s about empowering you as the incredibly powerful, creative, and divine being you truly are. Our ultimate goal is to assist you to connect fully to your Authentic Self, to become the master of your life experience, and co-create with spirit an awesome life.

Nothing is beyond your grasp when you consciously become your higher True Self; the divine being you truly are!

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