Our spiritual mentoring is an effective service for improving your potential in many areas of your life, including personal development, relationships, family, parenting, business, and retirement adventures.

Many mentoring and coaching services attempt to do the above, but they do it without giving you the opportunity to heal, grow and transform important areas of your life.  We believe that even with good help you are only able to create and manifest from your current level of consciousness.  We recognize that personal healing and transformation is an essential component of the mentoring/coaching process.  Thus, we integrate all aspects of the healing and transformation process into the mentoring experience. 

Our mentoring is a powerful combination of all of the services we provide. This is a custom-designed opportunity that happens moment to moment in the now, with you in the driver’s seat. We  assist you to take new tools, new levels of consciousness, increased self awareness, and creative manifestation skills into the world that you determine. 

Our mentoring integrates your healing, growth, and expanding consciousness into the development of new goals and new possibilities for your life. You can maximize existing relationships and draw new friendships into your life; or manifest a partner or soul mate that aligns with your highest good and potential at this time in your journey. As your mentor, Barry and/or Kristine will assist you to develop more of your skills and talents, your creative juice and intuition.  The sky is the limit.  You are the only one limiting your life….. magnificent, powerful, you!

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