About Soul-based Astrology

Why are you, YOU?

Do you ever wonder why your life is what it is? Why do you have your particular appearance and personality? Why did you inherit those genes? And what about that childhood family, those parents … or lack thereof? Perhaps, for you, there is some level of pain or discomfort that accompanies these questions.

Perhaps you remember, like most people do, that as a small child, you felt some sense of wrongness or pain about being in this world. Something wasn’t right. It might be an obvious memory of being physically or psychologically abused or neglected. Or it could be a subtle feeling, a latent adult and vague awareness of something amiss and incomplete in those early years of naivety. 

Whether obvious or subtle, such childhood experiences carry deep and profound messages into our adult years, often resulting in repeated patterns of sadness, anxiety, fear, aggressiveness, withdrawal, depression or an assortment of other life-depleting behaviors. At some point, if your own pattern becomes enough of a hindrance to your sense of enjoyment or well-being, you may find yourself confused and seeking answers to these questions, longing for some perspective and meaning. Ultimately, you may be longing for relief, for healing, for wholeness. You might turn to a healer, a therapist, a psychic or a spiritual teacher.

Among the many effective resources addressing this longing, there is one that has emerged as a profoundly direct and efficient channel to decipher the context and meaning of your unique life and your avenues for healing and fulfillment. Whether you suffer from ongoing pain and seek healing, or you just feel a need for clarity and direction in your life, soul-based astrology offers clear and reliable guidance and answers. When combined with modern psychology, healing and spiritual growth coaching, it becomes a powerful tool for personal transformation.

You probably know your own astrology birth sign, whether it’s Leo or Capricorn or some other. Perhaps you occasionally read the simplistic astrology “forecasts” in your newspaper. If that’s all you know of astrology, put aside your preconceptions, for you will be surprised to discover that in your astrological birth chart (based on the date, location and exact time of birth), there are many other factors involved, including all the planets, the moon and other astronomical references. These all have particular meanings that reflect the complexity of your own, unique inner make-up. Some are contradictory, reflecting the inner parts of you that often seem contradictory. Others represent the ways your inner parts seem to co-exist with ease and contentment. This is a deep and rich blend of science and wisdom, used by thousands of well-respected mental health professionals, including Jung, himself.

Unlike psychic readings or serendipitous moments of inner revelation, within this complex language of symbols, a combination of logic and intuition allows you to “read” for yourself, the information that can answer your deepest questions about your life. You can find revealed, in your birth chart, the reasons your soul chose this particular lifetime, the goals your soul wants to reach, and the particular ways that your personality, parents, siblings, other significant relationships and childhood circumstances, including the pain, are supportive and loving parts of your soul’s plan. Your chart can also give you and an ally insights into how, with more awareness of that plan, you can increase your prospects for healing, learning and growing faster, so you can increase your sense of fulfillment and maximize your life potential.

Understanding Relationships with Astrology

Astrology can tell us about ourselves and others in relationship and how our energies might combine with another in both supportive and challenging ways. It can help us to know ourselves and our needs in relationships as well as the needs, life purpose, and unique expression of the special person with whom we are in a relationship. This analysis is useful for any type of relationship, including business and parent/child relation-ships.

A Relationship Reading will illuminate: 

– You and your partner’s strengths and weak-nesses in relationship.

– What kinds of people you and your partner attract and are attracted to and why.

– What issues you and your partner are likely to face in relationship.

– What you and your partner need in relation-ships to be happy and fulfilled.

– The strengths, weaknesses, and obstacles of a particular relationship.

– What challenges you and your partner might be going through at a particular time.

– How you can best support each other to actualize each of your soul’s intentions in this life.

Unlike some astrology advice columns, I will not tell you if a relationship is/will be good or bad. No astrologer can tell you that. However, I can tell you whether a relationship is/willl be more challenging, more conflictual, more harmonic or potentially more rewarding to your inner growth. Easy does not necessarily equal happy. Conflictual does not necessarily equal unhappy. It all depends on the maturity, consciousness and intention of the people involved.

In a Relationship Reading, using both peoples birth charts, we look at how the dynamics of each persons make-up effects the other. How do the two souls’ paths serve each other in relationship? How does the make-up of their individual personalities harmonize and clash? What gifts and what challenges are presented? How are they most likely to push each other buttons? And how can they most effectively stay in conscious support of each other’s highest good.

Healing with Astrology

Soul-centered astrology can point to your deepest, earliest, and/or most profound wounds, explain their purpose in your life, and reveal the enormous potential for your growth as you heal those wounds. I recommend, if you haven’t already, that you do personal healing work around these issues with responsible and trained intuitive healers.

Kristine and I offer an array of healing services to help increase your awareness of your wounding issues and transform them into sources of strength and jo.y in your life. Please explore this web site for more information about Healing and Life Coaching.

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