One-person, Residential, Intensive Healing Retreat

Is This For You?

Are you feeling “stuck” in your path to healing and/or personal growth?

Do you “get it” at the workshops, from the books, during sessions, but then “lose it” again quickly in “real life”?

Do you know how to be conscious, but just can’t seem to get there or stay there on your own?

Seeking spiritual awakening? Driven by inner desires for living an enlightened life?

Childhood wounding still causing emotional reactions; anger, fear, anxiety?

Interpersonal conflicts interfering in your relationships, still limiting your ability to experience intimacy in the ways you deeply yearn for?

Longing to move forward with authenticity?

Want to get down to the nitty-gritty, the core of your inner self, and get feedback about what’s still there that’s needing attention?

Needing help on your awakening journey? Wanting deep spiritual experiences that open you to your True Self? Do you long to live as your authentic self?

Want to bathe in the flow of unconditional, non-judgmental attention and love?

Our ONE-PERSON RESIDENTIAL INTENSIVE RETREAT may be just what you need. It’s designed as a powerful three day opportunity for just one person…YOU…to make major breakthroughs in healing and growth, all in our comfortable home with the safe, loving attention of two highly skilled and experienced coaches and healers…us. These 0ne-person retreats are a powerful combination of all the services and tools we provide. This is a custom-designed opportunity that happens moment-to-moment, in the now, with you (your soul) in the driver’s seat. We assist you to heal core wounds and to take new tools, new levels of consciousness, increased self-awareness, and creative manifestation skill into the world that you determine.

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