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Barry Kerr has over 40 years of experience as a teacher, coach, astrologer and intuitive healer. He has used his knowledge of astrology, metaphysics, spiritual growth, religion and healing to help people heal, grow and understand themselves and their purpose.

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As an early pioneer in alternative medicine, in 1977, Barry  was co-director of the newly formed Wholistic Healing Center, in Corvallis, Oregon where he  taught classes and workshops in reflexology, nutrition, spiritual belief systems and lifestyle changes. In those days, mainstream medical professionals pointed skeptical fingers at Barry and his fellow “new age” pioneers. Today, doctors, psychiatrists and other professionals hire him for their own personal growth.

Barry resides in Sedona, AZ with his partner, Kristine Gay, a psychotherapist and energy healer. They offer services, coaching and workshops in the areas of relationships, personal growth, spiritual development, energy healing, astrology, and intuitive conscious living.

His credentials include the following:

  • Certified Quantum Coach with The Hendricks Institute trained directly by Drs. Gay and Kathlyn Hendricks, internationally known for their work in Conscious Relationships and Conscious Living and Loving.
  • Advanced Energy Healer, graduating from the Inner Focus School of Soul-Directed Advanced Energy Healing, a three year program of training in several intuitive modalities to heal mind, body, heart and spiritual energy systems.
  • Certified Reiki Master Teacher
  • Certified Advanced Theta Healing® Practitioner, having completed Basic DNA and DNA 2
  • Studied directly with Harvell Hendrix in Imago Therapy for couples. 
  • Soul-based Astrologer of over 40 years.
  • Ordained Minister.
  • B.S. in Fine Arts and Education from NIU, DeKalb, IL.
  • He has served as Vice-President on the Board of Directors for the Wisconsin Center of the Mankind Project, otherwise known as New Warriors
  • Certified Licensed Teacher in the state of Wisconsin.
  • Former Co-Director of the Corvallis Wholistic Healing Center in Corvallis, OR.
  • Former Director of Fundamentalists Anonymous, a local support group for those choosing to leave fundamentalist and dogmatic belief systems

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