Barry’s Client Testimonials


” I was amazed at the accuracy of the reading and how much it ran parallel to the detail’ about my life circumstances.” – Linda, 51, Energy Healer 

I was just listening, again, to the astrology reading you did for me way back in 2007. So good.  So helpful – and still so pertinent. Thank you for sharing your gifts, Barry – it is a kind thing for the world that you do.” – Mary Ann, M.D., 55

 “I was surprised at how accurate and personal the reading was. It led me to a greater awareness of my purpose in life and the direction of my soul. I didn’t expect it to be so useful, accurate, and transformational …awesome!” – Courtney, 29, Energy Healer

 “Your prowess in the stars was the confirmation and affirmation for me to truly trust my gut and intuition. I do feel lighter and far more upbeat that I am following the right path.” – Daphne, 56, Teacher

 “Thank you for the wonderful reading and all the help last night. I woke up at 2:30 and 4:45 and finally found my heart.” – John, 53, Chiropractor

  “Thank you for the North Node information. I will send others your way, since I found our time together very helpful.” – Martha, M.D., 50

“Excellent! The reading really gave me permission to be myself and to honor the special qualities about myself that will assist me in my growth process.” – Vicki, 31, Healing Practitioner

 The reading ” was way beyond my expectations! So comprehensive and given with love and understanding.” – Walker, 58, Film Producer, Oregon  “I learned more about myself on a much deeper level than I had anticipated” – Barb, 51, Energy Healer

 “My reading confirmed things for me and led to new awareness about why I am the way I am!” – Katie, 30, Teacher 

Just wanted to say again thanks so much for the reading today.  It sure will be changing my perspective on all aspects of my life.  It is so helpful.  I’m looking forward to the other printouts and to listen to the recording again, because it sure is a lot of information and things to consider. I’ll be taking some time to reflect on all of this and hopefully gain more and more clarity…it’s a LOT of information!”  – Danel, 31, Student


I very much enjoyed our session.  I so appreciate all the insights you have given me.  There is a lot to process. Do you ever do follow up sessions?  If so, what is your rate for that? Again, thank you so much.” – Rhonda, M.D., 40

  “Barry is a natural healer. He took me totally into the healing aspect of astrology and relationship. His astrology and his inner sense of the power in each one of us to heal is a gift to anyone that he works with.” – Lynn, 58, Videographer

 “It was EXCELLENT!!! Perfect timing for me… and I like your style and approach allot. I feel you helped me see some important aspects, and I’m looking forward to doing my ‘work’ and seeing how it all unfolds.” – Irene, 58, Massage Therapist

 Thanks Barry, My cells are shifting and reorienting themselves already. Thank you.” – Jane, Nurse

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