Kristine’s Client Testimonials

Coaching and Healing

Kristine is an extremely talented counselor and her unique sensitivity and ability to provide a safe and loving environment to heal past traumas and issues, allow self-acceptance and growth”        

“Her sense of humor invites me to not take myself or life so seriously”   

” I like her welcome, her patience, her honesty, her fearlessness, her smile, her energy focus and her committment.”

“I had been to many counselors in my life as well as twelve step groups and other methods over 30 years. There were many areas of my life that seemed so hopeless and unresolved, but now, after this counseling and Kristine’s methods, I have a greater understanding of myself, the ability to forgive myself, and feel good about myself in a way that surpasses what I have felt in the past.”

“I’ve learned to trust the healing process more than before, so I am not living as much in crisis mode from week to week. I am more open to using and believing affirmations, and I am slowly learning to trust their truth.”

“With Kristine, my expectations have been exceeded in every way.”

“Kristine’s presence is so powerful that it draws my own (my spirit or higher self) out. She creates space for my higher self to emerge, almost like a vacuum would. Her healing has helped me to become aware o fmy conditioned or unconscious nature, my ego. My witnessing presence has become acute, more conscious and I no longer participate in the unconscious insanity that has plagued me most fo my adult life.”

“We have worked on my inner child, lovingly allowing him to speak, helping him see the futile direction in which he was trying to find unconditional love. “

“I am able to hold a much higher energy and more of it. I have experienced a new freedom” 

“Drama in my life has been reduced to almost nothing.”

“Kristine no longer ‘belivieves in’, but has experienced divininity, oneness, and source.”

What has worked for me is “Kristine’s gentle yet firm challenge for me to claim my life and accept myself as I am.”

“My expectations have been exceeded in everyway.”

“From my experience, I would highly recommend her, as she has been able to facilitate growth in a way that I did not feel was possible.”

“I feel freer now of negative feelings and a much more positive sense of self and my life potential.”

“I would say that whatever your experience has been in the past with counseling, to give this a try, as you will be pleasantly surprised.”

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