The Purpose of Relationships

Relationships, more than any other part of our lives, define who we are and what we value. Family ties, love relationships and friendships all contribute in large part to our level of happiness and feeling of fulfillment. 

So healthy relationships – creating them and keeping them – should rank high on our list of priorities for living a healthy lifestyle. 

Relationships can provide immense joy and personal satisfaction, but they can also be frustrating or painful. Like most that is good in life, a good relationship takes conscious awareness.

Poor relationships are marked by tension, fighting, blame, dissatisfaction, drained energy and unhappiness. They are generally driven by unconscious beliefs and repressed feelings. 

Healthy relationships may demonstrate ease, collaboration, accountability, contentment, creative energy and joy. They are created with conscious awareness of beliefs and feelings. 

Whether you are single and longing to be experience better relationships, or you are in a relationship and longing for it to be better, or you are in a great relationship and want to live it in sacred, spritual awareness, the path to getting what you want begins with your primary relationship…to your self. 

The quality of experience you have in your relationships is a direct reflection of the quality of experience you have inside yourself. Given a willing and like-intended partner, the possibilities are limitless. 

We cannot control or change how our partners, lovers, family and friends feel and behave. We cannot even make them to want what we want. But we CAN take charge of our own feelings and behaviors. Only by taking responsibility for ourselves in relationship, do we choose conscious living and create the

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