Are You Ready To Face Your Demons?

Individual Healing and Growth Retreats: a new model

by Barry Kerr and Kristine Gay, LCSW

face down your demons copyIn the long evolution of human consciousness, it’s harvest time! People are awakening to the experience (not just the belief) of who or what they are; spiritual beings in physical form. At this time, the synergy of collective karma makes it easier than ever for individuals to quickly move through long-standing karmic patterns to take conscious control of their lives and create positive life experiences. People want meaningful transformation.

This time of rapid change can be very challenging for individuals to navigate, typically involving confusion, worry, strained relationships and loss of direction. Even if one has become consciously aware enough to reach out for guidance from someone more experienced, the pace of change can feel overwhelming. Insights gained from books, workshops, coaching and therapy are difficult to integrate into one’s daily existence. One can walk away from a healing or therapy session with centered clarity and peace only to fall back into old ingrained habits, discomfort and “more of the same.”

HealingThis growing desire for spiritual growth and transformation is showing up as a new trend in vacations. Google this topic and you’ll see that many people spend large amounts of money and vacation time in group tours to exotic and mystical sites where they hope, perhaps with the help of a healer or shaman, to experience a powerful change, or at least some insight. Others choose to invest their vacations in retreats, spending days in meditation, yoga or transformation workshops, asserting that the most exotic and mystical sites are inside themselves. Either type of getaway can be a wonderful time of renewal and growth, but for many, the desire for a more profound, immediate transformation has demanded a new type of “getaway.”

Some psychologists, healers and coaches have seen how this planetary dynamic is playing out and, fortunately, are creating new services to address the needs of those clients who are at the precipice of radical inner change and want a more intense and faster process to guide them. These clients want persistent and sustained attention to clear the wounds and inner patterns that block their progress.

Personal one-on-one, transformational, intensive retreats are such an up-and-coming method for advanced healing, growth and renewal. Unlike group retreats, where attention is divided among many, sometimes hundreds of participants, an individual two or three-day retreat is designed to focus on just one person. The facilitators are there each day, all day, giving their unconditionally loving, focused attention and skills to one client throughout the day, using therapy, mindfulness meditative techniques, energy healing, role playing, astrology and a variety of other interactive modalities. This results in a laser-like process that responds to a person’s own unique complexities, needs and readiness. Most importantly, the process supports clients to remain in conscious self-awareness, bringing to the surface and releasing yet undiscovered aspects of subconscious patterns that previously sabotaged progress when no one was paying attention. Individuals typically make major strides in mastering their inner dynamics, moving into self empowerment and joyful freedom.

e3286d4b3c277d45a2b15daf7d5d9e4e_SHow would you know if you are ready for this kind of “getaway”?

Maybe for years you’ve been reading self-help and spiritual books, attending workshops and classes, getting healings and practicing growth tools, and still you’re not experiencing the potential you’ve come to long for. You might feel that you just can’t go on the way you have anymore, but you don’t know how to move forward. There is still too much pain and fear, and too many obstacles, and you long to be free of them.

Perhaps you’ve been seeing a therapist or coach for months or years, and though you’ve realized some progress, you feel stuck. Maybe you’re experiencing dissonance with family and friends, career and work, and/or living situations.

You might be living a functional, “successful” life, yet you know you are missing something important, more meaningful, that prevents you from creating inner peace and contentment, and experiential connection to your soul and divine source.

If you believe you’re ready … you probably are. It’s time for a “getaway”!

Kristine Gay and Barry Kerr are owners/practitioners of Choose Conscious Living in Sedona, AZ.  Kristine, a licensed psychotherapist, and Barry, a certified life and relationship coach and astrologer, each have over 35 years of experience, including extensive training in soul-guided healing of the mind, body, heart and spiritual energy systems. They offer transformational intensive retreats and/or ongoing sessions. For more information, visit  

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